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Horseback riding on Mt. Kigali – by Aspen

February 25, 2012

The other day we rode horses and it was really fun.  We went with my friends Yannick’s family.   The farm was up on Mt. Kigali and they had only 4 horses, two race horses, a polo horse, and another one that were all retired, and two of them were sick so they couldn’t be ridden.   We couldn’t ride very long because my friends had riding lessons, but they let us get on at the end.   After riding we walked the horse up the hill and let them  graze.   There were also donkeys.


Aspen riding, her friend Yannick helping her










view from Mt. Kigali










Aspen and Skye with one of the donkeys




















On the way back from riding horses we passed by some really poor houses.   They were really different from the way we live, the houses were very small and have no electricity or water.   All the little kids werecalling us “Mazungu“, which means white person in Kinyarwanda, their local language.

note from Paige – it’s very funny because Mazunga  roughly translates to “someone who roams around aimlessly”


houses along the road coming back into town from Mt. Kigali


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  1. Daddy permalink

    Guys this is awesome. I wish I could have been there. So glad you had a chance to do it. Snowing off and on today back home. Not Kigali weather for sure.

  2. Lauren fuller permalink

    Tonight in church we listened to a Rwandian paster. It reminded me of your family, and where you are. It was kinda hard to tell what he was saying. You probably know this but people in Rwanda believe in the spirits of the dead as their god. That is what I learned from the Rwandian paster. – Lauren Fuller

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